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How I found my true love

Growing up in my world self love was never anything that anyone ever spoke about. No one re-enforced your outer beauty. I grew up thinking that I was as ugly on the inside as the face I saw staring back at me in the mirror. Life offered no respite to this little girl who grow up in the inner city of Birmingham. Beauty lived somewhere else.

As I grew up I encountered earth Angels (as I choose to call them). People who were not related to me in any way. These women showed and showered me with love. They let me know through their kindness, that beauty was also in the things that you do for others. They sowed a seed deep within me. It took a very long time for it to show up in my world, but it did happen. I started being drawn to self-help books. I found self-help tools that I never knew existed. I started using affirmations and re-building my broken pieces. My true love was and is me.

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